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Congratulations to all the Political Science 2017 Graduates!

tony with undergrads
and to our 2017 students graduating from our Masters program!

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USU and the CIA
A look inside the life of Dr. Jeannie Johnson

GenMattisTony Peacock, Jake Falcon, General James Mattis and Jeannie Johnson

Jeannie Johnson lives a life guided by her passion of political science, an addiction to Dr. Pepper and a great love for our nation.

“You come here, you work hard and get a great education. This can be your circle,” she said. “You have no idea what adventures are in store for you. You don’t know who you are supposed to meet or what you are going to do to contribute. But those may be fairly extraordinary.” 

Read the entire article about our own Dr. Jeannie Johnson in The Utah Statesman! 


Colin Flint presented his new book Geopolitical Constructs: The Mulberry Harbours, World War Two, and the Making of a Militarized Transatlantic at the Faculty Author Exhibition  
    Colin with book

This innovative book tells a unique story about D-Day, one that does not concentrate on the soldiers who hit the beaches or the admirals and generals who commanded them. Instead, Colin Flint brings engineers, businessmen, and bureaucrats to center stage. Through them, he offers a different way of thinking about war, one that sees war as an ongoing set of processes in which seemingly isolated acts are part of broader historical developments. Developing the concept of geopolitical constructs to understand wars, the author connects specific events to long-term and global geopolitical arrangements.

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