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International Studies

Outcomes Data

International Studies Dashboard, & Guide to IDEA Scoring and Objectives

Student self-reported progress on key learning objectives shown on Dashboard are from IDEA evaluation scores for courses within the Political Science major compared to a national database of university instruction.

Notes: IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction provide one measure of teaching effectiveness. IDEA allows faculty to rate the importance of 12 learning objectives as “essential,” important,” or “minor or not important.” In the IDEA system, students self‐report their progress on instructor selected objectives.

 IDEA provides comparative data of teaching effectiveness. With more than 160,000 classes processed annually, IDEA has national benchmark data. Three “comparison groups” are available to benchmark individual instructor scores: 1) The overall IDEA database, with three years of national peer data; 2) A Discipline comparison, a five‐year rolling average of all classes taught in a selected discipline; and 3) A USU comparison, a five‐year rolling average of all courses evaluated at USU.

 Scores between 45‐55 are statistically “similar” to peers in the comparison group, with the average set at 50. A score of 56‐62 is statistically “higher” than peers, and a score of 63 or greater is in the upper 10% of all classes.