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CHASS Student Giving Campaign

True Aggies Give Back

CHaSS students are altruistic in nature. They participate in people-focused research, participate in service learning activities, and pursue careers that make a difference in the lives of others. It’s no surprise that our students developed a fundraising campaign to benefit their peers in the college.

The school’s first student-run giving campaign was launched in the fall of 2011 by a consortium of CHaSS College Ambassadors to fund programs students believe in and educate Aggies about the importance of giving. Many USU students are not aware that tuition and state-funding does not provide all of the support necessary to fully operate the college. In fact, it covers less than 15 percent of the cost. The difference is made by generous support from alumni and friends and helps the college sustain the high-level research, teaching and learning opportunities that students deserve and have come to expect.

The goal of the CHaSS student giving campaign is to raise scholarships for students in the college and to establish a study hall fund to provide snacks to students during finals. So please join the effort to help other Aggies. And please give at any level you feel comfortable. Because all gifts make a difference.

To celebrate the launch of the campaign, a $500 scholarship will be awarded to a student in the college. The scholarship money was raised by CHaSS students over the course of two years as an effort started by Aggies to help other Aggies. Please help us continue to make this scholarship available and make a real difference in the life of another student.

So visit our giving page, donate, and enter your Facebook information. Help spread the word about the importance of supporting other Aggies.