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Career Options for International Studies Majors

International Studies majors gain international experience and the critical thinking and communication skills that a whole range of employers are looking for. Your degree will provide you with a unique blend of problem solving, analytical ability, writing skills, and knowledge of other cultures and languages that are sought after in the job market. Employers in government, the private sector, and the NGO community are looking for people with the ability to think critically about global issues. Look at this list of employers specifically seeking International Studies majors to see the range of potential employers: government agencies, think-tanks, NGOs, international businesses... And here are figures from a report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers showing the kinds of skills and attributes they are looking for. The International Studies major will help you get these skills!

There are a number of steps you can take to help you think about careers and how to maximize your pathway through the International Studies degree:

  • Think about who you are in terms of your interests, skills, and values.

  • Become familiar with the International Studies requirements and curriculum and match an area option and your choice of classes to your interests, skills, and values.

  • Expand your knowledge and experience through opportunities such as undergraduate research, internships, volunteer work, and extra-curricular activities.

  • Get help to make it all connect. Talk with professors and the on-campus career services office to help you connect who you are, how to get the best out of the degree, and gaining other experiences.

These steps are described in more detail at this DePaul University website. Some of the information is specific to their degree, but the general idea is applicable for USU International Studies majors. You can get help navigating through these steps by talking with Professor Colin Flint (, or any professor teaching classes in the International Studies curriculum, or USU Career Services.