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The International Experience: Study Abroad and Internships

International Studies majors are required to gain International Experience as part of their degree. The experience can be fulfilled through Study abroad or an Internship.The experience must usually involve at least three weeks in a foreign country.

Study Abroad: We are lucky to have a fantastic Study Abroad Office at USU. They will help you figure out which study abroad option is best for you. Be sure to think about the International Student Exchange Programs that may allow you to study abroad for about the cost of USU tuition! Scholarships are also available.

Internships: An internship may count as international experience if it is undertaken in a foreign country, or it is undertaken in the US but involves a significant level of international engagement. For example, International Studies students have completed internships for international experience at the State Department, Pacific Command, and at Candle of Light - Vela de Luz – a Cache Valley NGO.

We understand that finding an international internship can be challenging. As with pretty much everything today, there are services available to help you find an internship. However they charge a fee. A quick search of the internet can find a host of such companies. For example see, http://www.goabroad.com,  
http://globalplacement.com,,,, GoAbroad and GoOverseas have a lot of internships, including ones related to the Global Environment and Natural resources area option of the major. Youthlinc is an organization with strong connections to USU through its Global Community Leader program, .The Borgen Project and Kiva may be of particular interest to those of you in the Global Development area option. None of these organizations are affiliated or endorsed by USU. They are just listed here for you to explore to get a sense of what is available. Another alternative is the established non-governmental organization AIESEC, which is affiliated with the UN. Their website is Also, the US State Department runs some internship programs, in the US and abroad and some that are paid. Their website is

As soon as you think you have found an internship that you would like to count as your international experience you must meet with Professor Colin Flint (International Studies Faculty Advisor, to see if it meets the criteria of a valid international experience.

Information on internship opportunities can be found through the Institute of Government and Politics.

Students may count a total of 3 credits earned during an internship toward completion of the major. Students must enroll for internship credit and complete a 6 page double-spaced paper that connects their internship experience to ideas they have been exposed to in their classes. See Professor Colin Flint ( for more details.

Internship/Study Abroad Assistance

The Department of Political Science offers an Internship Assistance Award to Political Science, International Studies, and Law & Constitutional Studies majors. This award can be used for internships or study abroad. There are three rounds of award decisions per academic year: December 1st, April 1st, and June 1st. For more information and to download an application.