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Scholarships and Fellowships

Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year are be available now.
Click here for the application! 

Scholarships - Awarded each semester

Merrill Academic Excellence Scholarship - Starting in Fall 2014, this scholarship will be awarded to five students in each of our three majors (International Studies, Law and Constitutional Studies, and Political Science) every Fall and Spring semester. To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must have signed in to one of our majors within the past year and have a minimum 3.2 GPA. There is no application to fill out - the department will pick the recipients based on the list of students that are enrolled in the current semester. Sponsored by the Milton R. Merrill Endowment.

Merrill Scholars Program - Each semester, about ten students will be awarded a $750 scholarship as part of the Merrill Scholars Program each semester. There will be weekly lunchtime discussions led by faculty sponsors, and occasionally invited guests, about the a topic of the faculty sponsors' choosing. This program is sponsored by the Milton R. Merrill Endowment and is open to students in International Studies, Law & Constitutional Studies, and Political Science majors, and possibly other majors if other funding is available at the time. Applications can be downloaded here or can be picked up in MAIN 320.

Merrill Scholars                    Merrill Scholars Fall 2016
Merrill201720                    Merrill Scholars Spring 2017

Internship Assistance Award - The Department of Political Science offers an Internship Assistance Award to Political Science, International Studies, and Law & Constitutional Studies majors. This award can be used for internships or study abroad. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with three rounds of decisions made throughout the academic year: December 1st, April 1st, and June 1st. There is a limited amount of funding available each year so the sooner you can apply, the better your chances of receiving aid. For more information and to download an application, click here.

Scholarships - Awarded each Spring for the following school year

The Department of Political Science offers a number of scholarships to eligible students each year. Scholarship applications are available online or can be picked up in the office, located in Old Main 320, at the beginning of Spring Semester. For information regarding scholarships offered through the Department of Political Science, please contact the department at (435) 797-1306 or at

Richard and Moonyeen Anderson Scholarship – This scholarship is for undergraduate students majoring in Constitutional Studies. Preference will be given to students desiring to become educators and/or who have financial need.

Douglas Ralph Bean Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates academic achievement and is majoring in International Studies, Law & Constitutional Studies, or Political Science. Preference may be given to a student who demonstrates financial need.

Asa and Vivian Bullen Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to a Law and Constitutional Studies student completing his or her junior year. Award is based on recipient's academic achievements, superior capabilities, promise in law, personal integrity, and sense of moral responsibility.

Cynthia Farr Bylund Scholarship - This endowment, established by Cynthia Farr Bylund, a 1978 political science graduate, is awarded to a junior or senior who is majoring in International Studies, Law & Constitutional Studies, or Political Science, and who demonstrates superior potential in the field, personal integrity, and high social and ethical responsibility. Grade point average is not the main criteria for selection, but candidates must demonstrate determination to succeed in their profession and contribute to society.

Dr. M. Judd & Helen G. Harmon Scholarship Fund - The fund will be used to provide scholarships for deserving students who are majoring in International Studies, Law & Constitutional Studies, or Political Science, as determined by the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students must take a minimum of six credits to apply.

David Heiner Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to an International Studies, Law & Constitutional Studies, or Political Science major who seeks an experience in practical politics or political research. This scholarship (when fully funded) will provide housing assistance for a major to permit them to accept an unpaid internship or research opportunity.

Mehdi Heravi International Scholarship in Political Science
– This scholarship is for international students who are majoring in Political Science who demonstrate financial need or who live in a low-income country, or a country with financial challenges. Recipient will be selected by the Dean.

Milton R. Merrill Scholarship - Typically three junior or senior students are awarded this scholarship per academic year. The decision as to which applicants receive this scholarship is based on merit and GPA.

Political Science Faculty Scholarship - A junior or senior is typically the recipient of this scholarship. Awarded by members of the department who regularly contribute to this fund.

Stewart Family Fellow - This scholarship is awarded to a student who needs support for an internship in Washington, DC.

John S. and Unita Welch Prelaw Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to a senior majoring in Law and Constitutional Studies who will be attending law school. Financial need is a consideration but not a major one. Academic attainment is a major consideration, but character, aptitude for legal study, and desire to serve the public and improve the quality of legal services are also influential in the department's decision. Although the recipient is usually selected after his or her junior year, the money is awarded in one lump sum after proof of admission to law school is obtained by the department.