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Why Give?

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is built upon a foundation of excellence. Our faculty members are recognized for world-class teaching and leadership, and our students engage in research and service learning that will help change the world. However, without the generosity of others we simply would not be who we are today.

State budgets continue to recover from the global economic downturn. Without additional support, we cannot sustain the traditional high-level research, teaching, and learning opportunities USU students deserve and have come to expect.

Many students do not realize that tuition does not cover the full cost of operating the college and university. It does not even cover half. State funding does not either. The difference is made by private donors who believe in USU’s mission and support it through gifts for scholarships, professorships, and programs. They help USU retain quality faculty members, recruit top students, and continue its tradition of excellence.

Please consider giving to CHaSS if you:

  • Received a scholarship or fellowship
  • Participated in a student club or sport
  • Had a teacher who made you feel valued, who made you feel capable of making a difference
  • Were subsidized to present your research at a conference
  • Feel you benefited from your education at USU

Giving Priorities

Students gain invaluable experience as interns. Every year, undergraduates seek opportunities for hands-on work in Washington D.C. and Salt Lake City. However, many of the best jobs do not come with adequate funding. For some students, this creates an impossible opportunity. The department aims to create a program that supplement the costs and send students into the workplace thinking only of the job ahead.

International Studies majors require international experiences. Yet the political science department does not currently have an extensive list of internship opportunities. Additional resources are needed to expand programming abroad and offset the cost of student travel.

Make a Gift

Thank you for considering supporting the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. We understand that there are many worthy causes and institutions you could give to and we thank you for remembering us.

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