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Hamilton versus Jefferson!
Student Conference at USU March 31-April 1

ANNOUNCEMENT: Student conference at Utah State on Hamilton versus Jefferson March 31 – April 1, 2017. 
The conference will be seminar style and based on original sources.  Participating students will receive a stipend. Applications to participate will be available January 2017. 

For more information, contact Peter McNamara:

To get a sense of what the conference will cover you might look at these two short pieces on Hamilton and Jefferson by Peter McNamara.

On Hamilton! the musical, click here.

On Hamilton versus Jefferson in Washington’s cabinet, click here.

The Department would like to congratulate Damon Cann for receiving the Virginia Gray Best Book Award

damon award

The award is given for the best political science book published on the subject of U.S. state politics or policy in the preceding three calendar years. The book is titled "Voters' Verdicts: Citizens, Campaigns, and Institutions in State Supreme Court Elections" by Chris Bonneau and Damon Cann.

The book addresses contemporary concerns with judicial elections by investigating factors that influence voters' decisions in the election of state supreme court judges. The book shows that the move to nonpartisan elections depresses political participation but does little to mute the effects of partisanship and ideology. Using national surveys of voters in state supreme court elections, the authors get inside the mind of the voter to evaluate factors influencing vote choice in both contestable and non-contestable judicial elections.


Congratulations to Laura Gamboa on having her article published on the
WZB Democracy Blog

For years now, Venezuela has been going through a severe crisis, the economy is collapsing, crime is reaching record high levels, and the government is turning more authoritarian. In order to address the crisis the opposition has been pushing for a recall referendum against President Nicolás Maduro. On October, however, the government suspended the referendum process, increasing fears that Venezuela is becoming a full-fledge dictatorship. This post discusses Venezuela´s situation today, the reasons the government might have had to stop the referendum, and what are some of the mechanisms the opposition could use to get out of the crisis.

To read the full article go to

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