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Clubs and Organization


Clubs and Organizations

Meeting new people and being exposed to new ideas is an important part of the collegiate experience. Students who are involved in extracurricular activities like university clubs, sports, creative productions and internships report being more satisfied with their university experiences. And it’s not surprising. These outlets provide additional arenas for learning and networking. Moreover, they can serve as a place where like-minded people can come together and students can build professional skills. The political science department has several clubs for students to join and explore something new.

Aggies for Liberty

Aggies for Liberty Facebook Page

Aggies for Liberty work to promote the ideas of classical liberalism, these being the protection of individual freedoms both economic and social. They believe that only through the protection of individual liberty, can peace and prosperity exist. In order to achieve these goals, they advocate for the reduction of government and other authorities to their constitutional bounds, and to deny them the exercise of power beyond their legal constraints. This advocacy shall be realized through engaging and educating the student body and supporting political candidates who espouse these ideals.

American Political Science Association

The leading professional organization for the study of political science and serves members in more than 80 countries. With a range of programs and services for individuals, departments, and institutions, APSA brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors within and outside academe in order to expand awareness and understanding of politics.

Model United Nations

Also known as Model UN or MUN, Model United Nations is an extra-curricular activity in which students roleplay delegates to the committees of the United Nations. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, usually organized by a college MUN club. At the end of most conferences, awards are given for the top delegations. Thousands of college students across the country and around the world participate in Model United Nations. MUN delegates develop important skills, including, but not limited to: researching, public speaking, debating, writing skills, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilites.

Pi Sigma Alpha

This national political science honor society is the only honor society for college students of political science and government in the United States. There are hundreds of chapters of Pi Sigma Alpha located on college and university campuses in every state of the United States and in Guam. USU’s chapter, Alpha Iota, has been recognized several times as one of the nation’s best chapters. For more information, contact Damon Cann at or at 435-797-8705. Download an application.

USU College Democrats

USU College Democrats Facebook Page

Utah State University College Democrats is dedicated to fostering political awareness, promoting progressive solutions, and bringing about a marketplace of ideas at Utah State University.

USU College Republicans

USU College Republicans Facebook Page

The mission of the Utah State University College Republicans is to create awareness of conservative beliefs and ideas on campus, increase political awareness among our members, campaign and volunteer for Republican candidates and provide a social network for conservative students. They help advance the Republican cause through activism, education, events and involvement on the Utah State University campus, throughout Cache Valley and the State of Utah.

USU Pre-Law Society

USU Pre-Law Society Facebook Page

The mission of the Utah State University Pre-Law Society is to promote an increased awareness and interest in the law by hosting conferences, lectures, and panels throughout the year that reflect a wide variety of legal issues. Through professional advising, students can be prepared to achieve their goals and recognize their potential through law school and career field.