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Law and Constitutional Studies

The law and constitutional studies is the only major of its kind in the Intermountain West. The program is intended to introduce students to the study of law and politics, with an emphasis on the American Constitution. The program focuses on how constitutional rules affect political and economic processes. Students study the theory, history, economics, and development of constitutional thought. They also learn about natural and civil rights, a market economy, a self-governing citizenry, voluntary associations, and the rule of law.

Through an intensive program of constitutional study, this major equips students with the intellectual tools and understanding of constitutional principles necessary to enter graduate study or law school, as well as a variety of other professions. The program hosts prominent experts on law and the Constitution as guest speakers such as Justice Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court. Students also have ample opportunities for internships in federal and state legislatures, regulatory agencies, lobbying firms, think tanks, corporations and international organizations.

Many majors participate in the university's Center for the Study of American Constitutionalism, which is run by Professors Anthony Peacock and Peter McNamara. The project explores the meaning of liberty in the American constitutional system, with specific emphasis on the founders' commitment to limited and responsible government. The goal of the project is to produce publications that examine these issues and to enhance the educational opportunities for interested Utah State students.


Students receive a Bachelor of Science by completing all required courses in the major. To receive a Bachelor of Arts, students must also gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages. While internships are not required, there are many internship opportunities available, which can apply towards upper-division political science course requirements.

Law & Constitutional Studies Major Requirements

Course requirements for the Bachelor of Arts or Science

Admissions Requirements

Freshmen: New freshmen admitted to USU in good standing qualify for admission to this major.

Transfer Students: Transfer students from other institutions and students transferring for other USU majors need a 3.0 transfer GPA for admission to this major.

International students have additional admissions requirements.

Program Contact

Daniel Mathews
Office: TSC 302
Phone: (435) 797-3883