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Undergraduate Research


Utah State University is one of the premier undergraduate research institutions in the nation. Since 1975 the USU Undergraduate Research Program has enabled students to partner with faculty on path-breaking investigations and creative writing projects. However, engaging in research and creative endeavors is not simply the pursuit of new knowledge or skills—it provides students the opportunity to connect one-on-one with faculty members and develop intellectual independence early on in their academic careers. Performing undergraduate research and creative activity also helps students build a strong resume and marketable skillset for their professional careers.

Under the mentorship of top faculty and scholars, our students have presented their research in prestigious national and regional undergraduate forums including:

  • Research on Capitol Hill
  • Western Political Science Association
  • Midwest Political Science Association
  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research


Undergraduate researchers have performed primary research at institutions such as the Library of Virginia to study race relations prior to the Civil War, and pushing the envelope by developing a system to track political biases in network news broadcasts.

Through this student-centered program, students can select and personalize their research to best fit their educational and career goals. For detailed information about Undergraduate Research at Utah State University, visit the Undergraduate Research Program website.